He Must Have Known


Tomer Konowiecki

The big rock at Vista Point,

The planet-sized boulder lodged in the sea lives still, but forever;

It must have been God’s doing, rolling

The lump of granite into the water

Or dropping it straight from heaven.

He must have known it would look beautiful—it does.

Man visits the exhibit; sees the stone become practical

Like crafted earrings or spear-tips, broken to shards for use.

Thick, infrangible, not this stone; He must have known

The greed of man, and the greed of the basking sea-lions.

Many traveling wives mount the rock, husbands

Photograph their wind blown women at the top of nature’s tower

And call them the most beautiful thing in the world—

One by one they diffuse into the silver air.

What is beautiful is brave—braving the wakes of man and the sea.


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