We’re Not Stopping Here


Tomer Konowiecki

The sky doesn’t hide, or touch or tell secrets.

Its brushstrokes are not detectable

and the artist didn’t sign.  We see the sweeping blue

and the blue sees us—

I’m sure we are the less beautiful.

It must notice the smog over our cities and the way we’ve sliced

the land like pie.

It sees blasting rock and the earth’s chapped skin.  It knows

our motives—

The birds tell it that we lie.

It figures we’re not stopping here with the potential for

so much more.

So it sends us the sunset and the birds tell us to look.

But we’re so trained to be on guard, we shoot them

when they chirp.


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Tomer Knowiecki is the 2009 Tangled Web Press Online Poetry Contest winner, with his poetry appearing in the upcoming 2009 Tangled Press Poetry Anthology. He resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he recently received an English degree from UCLA and is currently studying Law.

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