by John McKernan Accomplished   If I were a  Kurd   I’d be dead If I were dead    I might be a corpse in Heaven Hang gliding over Troy trying to forget My earthly skeleton with its graying wisps Its swollen ankles    Sick old buddy whose Lapses and failures embarrass even friends Pardon me   Would you pass me that mirror The one with the electron microscope Over there    Next to Constellation Orion? Maybe I’m not even there   Maybe I’m not Even . . . .   The blue butterflies speed by So fast    They always make me drop This tin bucket with one … Continue reading ANOTHER OTHER DAY AND NOTHING STILL

So Careful By the Window

by Michael Tritto Sheep and horses in a rolling mist, the power of oak trees, their remembrance, “The hand of God is green.” Lifts of light, its thousands of stories, each blade of grass making room for sun, their palms raise toward the sky. We’re used to laughing, you know. Old Henry and his quizzical face, not knowing when he’s not alone, asking a poor sheep for directions, “Look, I seen you there many’s a time you and your curly hair, sipping a pint, ya know”. Sheep lie on the turf some forty feet from any other, rainbow marked for … Continue reading So Careful By the Window