Write Room Editorial Calendar 2009 – 2010

SEPTEMBER : Controversial Writing (In celebration of American Library Association’s Banned Books Week ) Focus: Opinion pieces, Editorials, Pornography or Erotica, Religious, Political, GLTG, Young Adult  OCTOBER: New Media Focus: New Media/Hypertext/Animation/Promotion Social Networks  NOVEMBER: Novel/Books Focus: National Novel Writing Month, Book reviews, Novel excerpts, Book festivals  DECEMBER: Music Issue Focus: Singer/Songwriter, Lyrics, Music reviews, Artist Interviews  JANUARY: The Business of Writing Issue Focus: Software, Agents, Publishers, Workshops FEBUARY: Southern Literature & the Southern Writer Issue MARCH: Memoir Writing Issue  APRIL: Humor Writing Issue  MAY: Nature & Travel Writing Issue JUNE: Poetry Issue  JULY: Flash Fiction Issue AUGUST: Non Fiction & … Continue reading Write Room Editorial Calendar 2009 – 2010