Freelance Markets/Job Opportunities

Abbey Hill Literary Invites Submissions Unique short fiction contests. Please visit Abbey Hill, review the challenges and rules there, then craft and submit original work of up to 1000 words. Most genres welcome. Entry: $12. Prizes $500, $200, $100, Evolving Talent $50. Electronic entries preferred; snail mail OK. Deadline 2-28-09. Results 1st week of April. Email: | Website: ===== Anonymity Ronald Goldfarb, AWP counsel and occasional contributor, is researching a book on the subject of Anonymity. He is interested in any suggested readings or information on the subject.  Pseudonyms, for example, will be covered. Examples are solicited. Readings, fiction or nonfiction, … Continue reading Freelance Markets/Job Opportunities


AFTER DARK — After Dark is currently seeking non-fiction articles and essays , which reflect the general subject matter, discussed on America’s largest overnight radio program in history, “Coast to Coast AM.” In general, the areas of interest are broad. They include life after death, paranormal, psycho-spiritual, demonic possession, exorcism, theoretical physics, apocalypse, Earth changes, weather patterns, UFOs, alien abductions and phenomenal sightings, remote viewing, futurism and predictions, animal mutilations, spontaneous human combustion, Big Foot, and more. Average size for acceptable pieces is between 1,200-1,800 words including short sidebars of relevance to the article. ===== WEATHERWISE — Your … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 12/15/08


THUG LIT Send your stories to: This is a genre-specific mystery and noir website. If you don’t know what that means, then don’t send me your damned story. No Sci-Fi, Horror or Romance. Erotica (by way of sex) is okay, but PLEASE have violence, crime, murder, mayhem and chaos. Or a monkey. We like monkeys. They throw poop. Stories may be attached as a Word Document (preferred) or cut and pasted into an e-mail. Contact info we need: Name, address, word count and a short bio. The chosen will be notified by e-mail and on the website. Fan … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 12/08/08


JUST BETWEEN US — Just Between Us is a quarterly magazine especially for women committed to ministry, pastors’ wives, women’s group leaders, Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, missionary wives, seminary students, leaders in parachurch organizations, and any woman, married or single, who wants practical, biblical encouragement, inspiration, and ministry resources. ===== TALEBONES — Talebones is a quarterly digest-sized perfect-bound magazine that publishes science fiction and dark fantasy. We want entertaining, literate stories that straddle the edge of the dark, with three dimensional characters. We want dark fantasy, not horror…that is, there needs to be a supernatural element … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 12/01/08


READER’S DIGEST — Original articles are usually assigned to regular contributors to the magazine. We do not accept or return unpublished manuscripts. We do, however, accept one-page queries that clearly detail the article idea–with special emphasis on the arc of the story, your interview access to the main characters, your access to special documents, etc. We look for dramatic narratives, articles about everyday heroes, crime dramas, adventure stories. Do include a separate page of your writing credits. Please email your article proposal queries to No fiction. Reprints can be paid up to $400. ===== SOUTHWEST FLY FISHING reading FREELANCE MARKETS 11/24/08


EPHEMERA seeks slogans Ephemera (Oregon, US) seeks slogan writers for buttons, magnets and stickers. Wants satirical slogans about pop culture, politics, job attitudes, women’s & men’s issues, coffee, booze, pot, drugs, religion, food, sexual come-ons & put-downs, etc. Payment: US$50. More details… ===== ONTARIO NATURE MAGAZINE — We publish feature articles on all aspects of natural history, conservation and the environment in Ontario: stories about plants and animals, wildlife research, parks and wilderness areas, and environmental issues. ===== ROCKY MOUNTAIN RIDER — RMR is looking for positive, human interest stories that appeal to an audience of horse people, … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 11/17/08


BOYS’ LIFE — NONFICTION. Major articles run 500 to 1,500 words; payment is $400 to $1,500. Subject matter is broad. We cover everything from professional sports to American history to how to pack a canoe. FICTION. Our short stories run 1,000 to 1,500 words. Payment is $750 and up. All stories feature a boy or boys. We use humor, mystery, science fiction and adventure. We run one or two short stories per issue. Occasionally, stories are specifically written for ages 6 to 10 (low-demographic issue) and for ages 11 to 18 (high-demographic issue). ===== GIRLS’ LIFE — Girls’ … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 11/10/08


OUT TRAVELER — Note our upcoming issue themes: Spring 2009, closing early December 2008: Green/Eco Summer 2009, closing early March 2009: Americas Fall 2009, closing early June 2009: Mediterranean Winter 2009, closing early September 2009: Winter Wonderlands”? Pitches that get attention have a definite interesting angle. They have also been researched and include a detailed description of the story idea, format, style, goal and angle. A magazine on the ever-expanding field of gay and lesbian travel. ===== SOUTHERN ACCENTS,15381,1038406,00.html — Five overall subject areas (interiors, gardens, art and antiques, entertaining, architecture) define the content of each issue. Divided … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 11/03/08


  INSPIRATIONS — Inspirations is a lifestyle and gardening magazine for customers of several leading garden centers located around the country. It appeals to the readers’ desire to beautify their homes and yards and to create welcoming spaces for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. Writers do not need any special expertise in gardening or landscaping. While there is hands-on gardening content and information about plants, Inspirations is very much about living well, especially outdoors. Its tone, structure, and composition appeal to readers, mostly women, who are looking for practical, time-saving, and novel ideas to enhance their garden … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 10/27/2008


PASTE MAGAZINE — Paste magazine is a monthly publication focusing on music, film, books and other forms of arts and entertainment. We focus on a variety of musical genres—rock, singer/songwriters,, Americana, indie rock, world music, electronica and whatever else we think will grab music-lovers seeking something a little deeper. Paste strives to cover the best music in this eclectic mix, devoting space to independent musicians alongside more established artists. Cover stories – 3,000 to 4,500 words; Features – 1,500 to 4,000 words; front of book pieces – 50 to 800 words; Film Reviews – 200-500 words; Book Reviews … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 10/20/2009