Peter McLaren Captures the Faces of North Vietnam

by Sean Patrick Leary Peter MacLaren at work “Be careful, this is a touchy subject back here in the States,” photographer Peter Mclaren warned when I asked if he had political motivations for his slideshow titled “Faces in Time, North Vietnam,” a study of the Hmong ethnic tribes long ago displaced from China. “We used [these people] as machine gun fodder.” Beyond directing me to research the “Secret War,” where we were “observers,” a term coined by the CIA during the Laotian Civil War (during the Vietnam War era) according to McLaren, he is careful not to inject his private … Continue reading Peter McLaren Captures the Faces of North Vietnam

Faces in Time: North Vietnam by Peter Mclaren

The Write Room is excited to present what we feel is an extraordinary photo essay, Faces in Time, by Peter Mclaren featuring the Hmong people of the Sa Pa Valley of North Vietnam. To find out more about Peter Mclaren please read Sean Patrick Leary’s profile piece (here). For the best viewing experience, press the click to play button (even if it says still loading), then wide screen and turn up the volume. The music is as beautiful as the faces. more about “Faces in Time: North Vietnam by Peter…“, posted with vodpod Continue reading Faces in Time: North Vietnam by Peter Mclaren

Kymm Hinterberger

I am an American, and for that I apologize. The first half of my life was spent living in New York and then Florida. I intend to live the other half in the Pacific Northwest, where I currently reside. My vision of the world is skewed by the places that I have traveled, and my art is about finding beauty in everything…Including that which most people dismiss as ugly. Continue reading Kymm Hinterberger