by Timothy Bearly He is the grit in the otherwise well oiled machine. The monkey wrench— in the wooden gears of the loom—endeavoring to splinter the cogs. The in-​​vitro injection for the barren minds that cannot conceive. Impervious to indoctrination, he is the unabashed child that scoffs at the naked— less endowed—emperor, and gazes back in truculent defiance at the despotic preceptor who promulgates “thou shalt” or “thou shalt not”. Pouring salt upon the lionized oleaginous gastropods, he reveals that they are indeed organic, carbon based—not divine! Thus they—the charlatans and impostors— have him burned at the stake, drawn and quartered, and tar and feathered. However, … Continue reading Icon(oclast)

Shadows of Our Former Reflections

by Billy Harfosh We never signed up for thisBut this is what we haveCrossing paths In the shadows of our former reflectionsNow,I drink and when I drinkI laugh at the godsNow, You, full of yourself and your heated leather seatsAnd your shiny jewels And we used to shareThe shadows of our former reflections No one here to chronicleThis rare encounterNo one but your eyesAnd my eyesAnd now,I stare at youRemembering the shadows of our former reflections For thisAnd only thisI plead guilty Continue reading Shadows of Our Former Reflections


by Tracy Blanchard He split you in two when he made love to you And then nailed you together again. He spoke his language to you And fed you his food, Kissing the belly where it lay. And when you were with him, You were no longer a foreigner But had a country, a nationality That was him.   Most nights found you Wandering down the dirt road In the Brazilian heat Wearing the crown of Perfumed flowers- “Lady of the night”- That he made for you.   In the middle of the circle of fighters You faced his wife, … Continue reading Brazil

Butter Sandwiches

by Jonathan Warren   The roads in the great state of the stars at night shine big and bright deep in the heart of lie straight and impossible watch for rattlesnake signs long fat rolls of cigarette smoke tumble with the trash and the crickets in the ditches next to no coffee after noon gas stations and unending one-way streets blow the stagnant heat that knocks you down on thorns nothing but god damn thorns instead of grass telling you to move on, the mothers out here watch suspicious televisions and air conditioners stay on the long uneven highways continue … Continue reading Butter Sandwiches

It’s Mine

by Lowell Jaeger   I survey boundaries, stake the markers, lay claim to this piece of ground.   I build walls.  A fortress, my corner of the hive. I lock the gate. Bolt the doors. Draw curtains tight.   It’s mine, I say.  It’s mine.   Blind worms burrow, heedless of limits I’ve scratched in the dirt.   Jays raid the orchards. Wind blows leaves and foreign trash from outside acres.   Blackflies and mosquitoes mock me. I swat and swat in vain.   That’s me, stringing barbed wire, hammering red-lettered signs. It’s mine, say the fenceposts. No trespassing. It’s … Continue reading It’s Mine