The art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

Our offerings:

Katrina Carmichael


Through the Back Window


Cameron Conaway

Fighting In Phone Booths


by David Dresner

Cannonball Man

Shot on the Fourth of July

The Itch


by Michael Lee Johnson


Tiny Sparrow Feet


by Tomer Konoweicki

To All Ephemera

The Nodding Seaman

He Must Have Known

We’re Not Stopping Here

Believe Science


by Jessie Land

A self examination

Sacred Monster


by Sean Leary

A Break in the Day

God In a Box

Ponderings from Massanutten Ridge

Rain Muse


While We Sleep

Snowed In

Ice Climbing Together

Monarch Crest


by Jacob Martin

Say Yes Once in a While

Shop Talk


by David Mclean

Mental Health

The Aetiology of Manknid

Pseudo Reflexive Haikun and Pseudo Reflexive Tanka

Of Things and Denotata


by Patrick Pomeroy

The Custodian of My Transgressions

Summer Mountain Poem

Nights Veil and the Wicked One Hundred

A Day In the Night at Bellevue Hospital

Lake Effect

Running In My Own Alaska

Summer of 1990

The South China Sea

An Aging North Eastern Bluff On An Island In The Atlantic


by Sean Rogers

Heavy Hearted

Light Hearted

by Askold Skalaky

Testing Time

Elephant Herds


Les Adieux

The Persistence of Summer

Colloque Aux Folies Bergere



by Melissa Stiers

You were a black poem

The rapture of Mary


by Ray Succre


Carelessly Dated


Christmas Island

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