Dallas Woodburn

Dallas Woodburn is the author of two story collections and a forthcoming novel. Her fiction has appeared in Cicada, Monkeybicycle, and flashquake, and she has also written articles for The Los Angeles Times, Writer’s Digest, and Family Circle. Visit her website http://www.writeonbooks.org to learn more about her nonprofit literacy foundation and youth publishing company. Dallas’ contibution to The Write Room is Renaissance Writer: An Interview with Steve Almond Continue reading Dallas Woodburn

Jane Hertenstien

Jane Hertenstien quit her editing job five years ago to work on her craft, and is currently live-in staff at a community homeless shelter in return for room and board. Jane rises at 4:30 a.m. to cook breakfast for about 300 people, and then spends from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. writing novel; Jane is also involved in leading a creative writing workshop for a group of women at the shelter. Jane’s books have been widely reviewed, with a non-fiction project, Orphan Girl, featured in a center page spread in the Chicago Tribune Sunday book section. Jane also attend the … Continue reading Jane Hertenstien

Tomer Konowiecki

Tomer Konowiecki is the 2009 Tangled Web Press Online Poetry Contest winner, with poetry appearing in the upcoming 2009 Tangled Press Poetry Anthology.  Tomer resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he recently received an English degree from UCLA and is currently studying Law. Tomer’s contributions to The Write Room are To All Ephemera The Nodding Seamen He Must Have Known We’re Not Stopping Here Believe Science Continue reading Tomer Konowiecki

Askold Skalasky

Askold Skalasky is a former community college professor, whose poems have appeared in numerous small press magazines and journals, most recently in freefall and The Dos Passos Review. He has also published in Canada, Ireland, and Great Britain. Earlier this year he received a prize for poetry from the Maryland State Arts Council. Askold’s contributions to The Write Room are Colloque Aux Folies Bergere The Persistence Of Summer Les Adieux Gorgo* Elephant Herds Testing Time Cows  Continue reading Askold Skalasky

J Eric Miller

An assistant professor of creative writing at Metro State College in Denver, J Eric Miller is the author of two books, Animal Rights and Pornography and Decomposition, both of which have been translated and published abroad.  His stories have appeared in a number of literary journals, and he was recently a featured author at the Festival America in Vincennes, France. J Eric Miller’s contributions to The Write Room are The Cell Writing on the Edge of Controversy: An Interview with J. Eric Miller by Jennifer Dunn Continue reading J Eric Miller