of things and denotata

david mclean   of things and denotata   objects are denotata and no more than exactly that for us even when fucking now, the grunting “Cartesian subject” was not the “subject” for Scholastic Descartes but the ob-jective sub-iectum projected like an objectionable orgasm on the raped face of religion   or probably fumbling a fuck at Nothing, to which i hereby surrender, give this “me” to blood-thirsty Buddha and the Nothing we are the Lack of, and came into, as we crept out greasy as Oedipus from the stealthy cunt that fucked us up.   there are no things only … Continue reading of things and denotata

pseudo-reflexive haikun and pseudo-reflexive tanka

david mclean   pseudo-reflexive haikun     words are indices signs of the gaping Nothing – the Lack that we are   this pointing at poems is a point of pointlessness deixis qua shit   pointing at a poem will hopefully always miss (endeictic this)   pseudo-reflexive tanka   my probative lie (reflexive endeictic) localizes this – the shit that misses itself (usually very truthful) Continue reading pseudo-reflexive haikun and pseudo-reflexive tanka

the aetiology of mankind

david mclean   the aetiology of mankind   the sickness language translates us from bodies to a diseased dream Being just a spot of Nothing   conventional signs like poems are indexical glyphs of tomorrow unwritten or cryptically unliving, an open coffin funeral for meaning   meaning reborn as a memory and a whore   (poetic use of semantics is a castrated cat fucking, he still sort of does it but there are no kittens losing loaded mittens or Mitsein)   (or time   “Being itself” the strife is not within this not “His”)   Continue reading the aetiology of mankind

mental health

david mclean mental health   what fails us today is not a psyche raped as a baby but a whole rapist society inventing the obligation of the raped and taken   inside us is nothing a box of nothing, a mind inside the body that defines us babies   what fails us is the listless fingers of the state touching places they do not belong in, its children abused and used to feed factories, factors drugged by society’s evil dealers, psychiatrists are priests and policemen, devils and the lies they feed us inside   problems are is this succulent stasis, … Continue reading mental health

David McLean

David McLean is Welsh but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives there in a cottage on a hill with a woman, five selfish cats, and a stupid puppy. He has a BA in History from Balliol, and an unconnected MA in philosophy, much later, from Stockholm. Details of his three available full-length books, various chapbooks, and almost 800 poems in or forthcoming at over 330 places online or in print over the last couple of years, are at his blog at http://mourningabortion.blogspot.com. He never submits by snail mail since he has little money and since he loves, or … Continue reading David McLean