Tasks of Life

by Mitchell Grabois   Seen from the night street, the lamps in my wife’s office bend their necks like Roseate Spoonbills, undisturbed, elegant, as they hunt their breakfast in the shallow lagoon’s mud. My wife is doing paperwork to put her mother into a nursing home. Sometimes we need proxies to signify our grace as we toil through the tasks of life. La Famille du Saltimbanque is now toiling through one of the tasks of life. Outlandishly dressed, the Saltimbanques enchant crowds with their acrobatics, but their three-year-old son, an aerial prodigy (they thought) has been badly injured in a … Continue reading Tasks of Life

Cover to Cover

by Gil Hoy I’ve loved to read, listen to the flow and tempo of written words through my eyes and in my brain, for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I trekked on a cobblestone path behind our house, with a carrier full of books, a young Sherpa on his way to base camp. I visited my third-grade chum up the street then, one foot after the other in a determined rhythmical gait, as clay Lincoln walked to his first days of school.   Hour after thirsty hour, we flipped through pages and pages of our books … Continue reading Cover to Cover


by Vanessa Knauf “I love you.” “What?” Desiree can’t hear out of her right ear, so I often have to repeat myself. “I love you!” I shout. She frowns. “Love will tear us apart.” “Why do you say that?” “It’s like that Meat Loaf song—sooner or later you’ll be screwing around.” “I won’t do that.” “What?” “No! I won’t do that!” Desiree sighs and picks at her fuchsia stockings. Since she lost her hearing she has dressed in bold bright colors, perhaps hoping that the louder she dresses, the better she’ll hear. I grab the end of her teal scarf, … Continue reading Desiree