Iambic Pentameter and the Meter of War

by Diane Cameron In the 1940’s a young Marine returns from China to a small Pennsylvania town. He enrolls in graduate school and begins to work as a high school teacher. He marries the young woman who had waited for him through the war. They buy a house and invite her widowed mother to live with them. One year later finds the body of the mother-in-law sprawled on the kitchen floor, the body of the wife in the living room, both perforated with bullets. The former Marine is handcuffed and taken away by the sheriff. The local newspapers are filled … Continue reading Iambic Pentameter and the Meter of War

Woman at the Gate

Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa June 8, 2009 Dear Friend, Thanks for your concern. You are right – this lifestyle of uber paranoia does not suit me. But I have to say the narrowing of horizons and seclusion has forced reflection and strangely latent creativity that normally I am too distracted in “normal” life to make time for. So, although not comfortable, it has been productive and satisfying in its way. When we were in Joburg last year, I was very nervous in our gated community. Now we are in a village (very Afrikanse), it does seem safer. That said, no white folks walk our … Continue reading Woman at the Gate