by Michael Tritto Shadows sang a nightmare somewhere in the room, after the angiogram man’s last slam with his fist, after the “one more test” at the back of my throat, cameras dropped into the theatre of muscles and valves. “You don’t have to agree now, but blood will keep on telling the sad story of “extraordinary flow”. We will repair the frayed flesh, remove the a-fib whenever I want to agree, “Let us know.” Wind is the breath of waiting and spillage its anger in undercast dark corners where panic smiles because it doesn’t know what else to do, … Continue reading Re-entry

So Careful By the Window

by Michael Tritto Sheep and horses in a rolling mist, the power of oak trees, their remembrance, “The hand of God is green.” Lifts of light, its thousands of stories, each blade of grass making room for sun, their palms raise toward the sky. We’re used to laughing, you know. Old Henry and his quizzical face, not knowing when he’s not alone, asking a poor sheep for directions, “Look, I seen you there many’s a time you and your curly hair, sipping a pint, ya know”. Sheep lie on the turf some forty feet from any other, rainbow marked for … Continue reading So Careful By the Window