by Patrick Pomeroy It all seemed crazy today. Just for a second Then I passed through ghetto Bright light. The President and his men Television going on about The war Death and no birds “Carry on soldier” Soldiers’ carrion They all seemed crazy today Just for a second Stepping through the light I remembered you for the dream You had created for yourself Now waking life came with a spark Sunburned hills and nobody for miles Spring born meadows instead of Linden In the Park Legs pumping through wildflowers A sleepy mile colored in ochre and Burnt  sienna II Mother … Continue reading Temporal

Losing You

by Patrick Pomeroy You sashayed to the train without hurry Without the warning of your familiar, incremental Adjustments not inches away from me Winter sauntered up to the fading din of erudite summer Conversations with its laughter and predictable drunken Guffaws of situational guests lingering from autumn to fall I couldn’t be still or breathe regularly with the brushfire of Your ink black hair strewn in my bed, kindled from the same Tears that had doused out our smolder Smitten, our bodies the hottest vines, the tightest twist In our summer garden What was without all the predictable, routine trappings … Continue reading Losing You

The Custodian of My Transgressions

The Custodian of My Transgressions  by Patrick Pomeroy      You held me in your arms,   But not for very long.  I cried for your milk. I nursed until you bled.    I needed your love..your warmth.   You could barely stand it.  I was writhing and couldn’t know  Your thoughts. What was in your head.  I but an animal enough to know  What was not in your heart.    Later in my young life you would  Retreat.   From all that was maternal,  All that I needed for my child’s   Heart to beat..and my soul to eat.       To your room where you slept a … Continue reading The Custodian of My Transgressions

Summer Mountain Poem

                Summer Mountain Poem by Patrick Pomeroy                           If I could show you or tell you where I have been                         You might know the sun, moon( sometimes full)                         And stars as I do…as friends I’ve looked up to                         All these years from so many places                         None of which I chose.                          If I may please show you or tell you where                         I’ve been you might excuse me for my motorcycle                         And beer.                                My cold neat gin and ridiculous repartee                          You will never see or know where I have been                         Because while … Continue reading Summer Mountain Poem

A Day in the Night at Bellevue Hospital

 A  Day in the Night at Bellevue Hospital by Patrick Pomeroy  She escaped Bellevue Hospital’s office for Social Security Income in a winter dark only a cat-fight might know.  Being inside all day  she sometimes became static as if cotton was stuffed in her ears  and cucumber slices  placed on her closed eye lids just like she did on Sunday mornings.  A hundred different faces lining down the stained hallway like a painter’s pre-arranged color scheme. She thought of central casting and musing gently, she smiled to herself.  A feeling returned. The one she knew too well. The same one … Continue reading A Day in the Night at Bellevue Hospital

Night’s Veil and the Wicked One Hundred

Night’s Veil and the Wicked One Hundred  by Patrick Pomeroy  She left her office In the kind of dark Only a cat-fight might know.  Shocked by the brilliant day And what was real to her.  A hundred people with their exhaustive energies. Saturating her with grievances And plight.  No lover’s hands or drink Could empty her conscience To break free from the madness that was her day.  A hundred blighted souls grabbing as if blinded and forgotten. Her air sucked away by their fury.  She hurriedly meditated to stave off the demons that returned again and again…savages in her nights.  … Continue reading Night’s Veil and the Wicked One Hundred