by Paul Sohar The future is tucked under her skirt and not in the leaves that curl in her hands as the gypsy girl unravels your palm and grieves for your sins. Nothing succeeds like a succession of lies paving the way to a dramatic climax where she ties your lifelines in a knot, for she knows the tracks don’t just speed off for no good reason at all; when they hit the wall of tomorrow her grin is always there, soft and cold like dusty snow, and if you try to look for tealeaves among the fast folds of … Continue reading THE FORTUNE TELLER’S ELUSIVE CHARM


by Paul Sohar The black-padded bench has quit its post by the glass-topped coffee table in an executive anteroom to wander out to the corridor, and it’s slowly ambling through the icy frenzy of a business day. The black imitation leather of the padding seems to mourn something never born yet able to power the four slender steel legs without even moving them, and now the bench crawls unstoppably in the glass-lined corridor of shapeless fears and hopes, slithering over memos, project plans, and the toes of carefully guarded memories, the tongues of crippled dreams; nothing can stop the bench, … Continue reading THE OFFICE BENCH