Marpole, Vancouver: for Liu Yu

by Changming Yuan It rains a lot in Vancouver Often does this rain remind me ofThe days when you sojourned here With my family, after Father left all of us While walking in the rain, you would Recall, under my big umbrellaHow you once waited in a drizzle With me in a broken basket on your backTo cross the widening river, not farFrom our village when I was crying hard For a large spoonful of flour soup (you were tooWeak and too hungry to produce any milk) Seeing you do nothing about my hunger The ferryman asked, Where is its … Continue reading Marpole, Vancouver: for Liu Yu


by Robert Lang Prue and Gordon no longer one, occasionally showing compassion, love.   Prue and Gordon eating the loblolly of their love a ring, then a crash, Gordon has fallen in love three times past.   Prue and Gordon, they knew, he needed a few years to love true. In Gordon’s departure Prue picks his cufflink, tips it in a dark tin among sentiments forgotten within. Continue reading Within

When the Creative Dies

by Mark Vogel   How to breathe in Washington State when everywhere the tall has been pulled down, and a heavy leaking sky reaches the ground— when every hundred feet on a straight-line road allows another pothole, another lumberman’s gate listing owner’s rights, another stream glutted with mud and prehistoric moss. How to breathe on a journey covered in grey overcast, pulled like a magnet toward Olympic peaks— an imagined mountain lake never inching closer. How to breathe when the spindly young need decades to grow trunks and a million stumps big as tables rule.  When even out here, civilization … Continue reading When the Creative Dies


by Steven C. Babin   You were my life, You were my son, You were my savior, My number one.   Consequently, it seems I cannot be, Equally in three places At the same time.   Tell me I can run To Western skies, Because I can see You disappear.   Tell me everyone Is lost inside. Because I Will simply disappear.   Desperate sons Walk up to me Every day. Continue reading Savior