UNDERLAND PRESS — We like stories that scare us. We like the macabre-monsters and magic and men with nothing to lose. More than anything, we like to be intrigued and entertained. We started the press to bring the best of the world’s scary and strange stories to life and to light. Call it the new weird, or fantasy, or dark fantasy. Call it what you want. We like reading by flashlight under the covers at night. We want to make books you can’t put down. ===== LONE PINE PUBLISHING — Lone Pine Publishing is creating a library of … Continue reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS 10/27/2008


GLOBO LIBROS — Globo Libros is a literary agency specializing in the burgeoning Hispanic market. ===== ROBERT ASTLE & ASSOCIATES LITERARY MANAGEMENT, INC. — We are especially interested in receiving non-fiction projects with a wide range of topics, including narrative non-fiction, popular culture, arts and culture, theater and performance, sports, travel, celebrity, biography, politics, memoir, history, new media and multi-ethnic. We are actively seeking writers of literary fiction and commercial fiction-mysteries and suspense, thrillers, mainstream literary fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, humor and satire and graphic novels. We will also seek writers in the genre of young audiences: … Continue reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS 10/20/2009


DAVIS WAGER LITERARY AGENCY — Most interested in representing literary fiction and general- interest nonfiction. Please query by email with a description of the project and of yourself. If I want to see more, I will ask for your materials. ===== DOE COOVER LITERARY AGENCY — One agent prefers primarily non-fiction titles, with a concentration in cookbooks, business books, and books about health and social issues. Another is first and foremost interested in gifted storytelling, whether in literary fiction or narrative non-fiction, and is also interested in biography, business, psychology, health, sports, music, history, and politics. Another handles … Continue reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS 10/13/2008

Publishers and Agents for Week 10/05/2008

A PLUS B WORKS — We primarily represent young adult and middle grade fiction, women’s fiction, and select narrative non-fiction. We do not represent thrillers, literary fiction, erotica, cookbooks, picture books, poetry, short fiction, or screenplays — please do not query us regarding any of these categories. ===== BAKER’S MARK — A West Coast agency dedicated to working with local and national authors who are making their careers as writers.  With wildly different backgrounds in publishing and journalism, the duo brings an array of experience to the agency including editing, marketing and sales. Baker’s Mark has an ongoing … Continue reading Publishers and Agents for Week 10/05/2008

Publisher and Agents Week of 9/29/2008

ETERNAL PRESS — We are currently accepting: Short stories, novellas, and full-length manuscripts, from 5,000-110,000 words. Mystery, sci-fi, paranormal, historical, suspense, horror, women’s fiction, fantasy, thrillers, erotica, gay and all sub genres of romance. Submit your short story or a synopsis and the first three chapters of your novel to our Senior Submissions Editor, Fran Tann at . Eternal Press pay 35% royalties to the Author for eBooks and 10% for print. We hold all rights for 2 years from date of publication. =====   RAVENOUS ROMANCE — Purchases world rights in all formats. We will work … Continue reading Publisher and Agents Week of 9/29/2008

PUBLISHERS/AGENTS September 22, 2008

SOUTH END PRESS — We are interested in manuscripts that are accessible to a wide range of political activists, while being useful to an academic audience. We publish manuscripts on grassroots activism/knowledge-making that address structural inequalities/ inequities and support movement-building and political/policy change. We are especially committed to analyses that place socioeconomically disenfranchised, differently abled, and queer people, women, gender warriors, and communities of color at the center. ===== HEALTH PROFESSIONS PRESS — Publisher of state-of-the-art resources for professionals interested in wellness and aging, long-term care, eldercare, Alzheimer’s disease, and health care management. ===== GREYHAUS LITERARY AGENCY reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS September 22, 2008