Peter McLaren Captures the Faces of North Vietnam

by Sean Patrick Leary Peter MacLaren at work “Be careful, this is a touchy subject back here in the States,” photographer Peter Mclaren warned when I asked if he had political motivations for his slideshow titled “Faces in Time, North Vietnam,” a study of the Hmong ethnic tribes long ago displaced from China. “We used [these people] as machine gun fodder.” Beyond directing me to research the “Secret War,” where we were “observers,” a term coined by the CIA during the Laotian Civil War (during the Vietnam War era) according to McLaren, he is careful not to inject his private … Continue reading Peter McLaren Captures the Faces of North Vietnam

A Break in the Day

   A Break in the Day by Sean Patrick Leary I am a goofy foot. So, I step up with my right foot, and push the board with my left. I push maybe a bit more ambitiously than I should. I’m running late again, and tell myself I need to hurry. But what I really need is to feed my spirit with a break in the day between work and study So I park at the top of the garage and without plotting, dive into the downhill. It all slides by, the breeze rejuvenates, and my eyes begin to blur … Continue reading A Break in the Day

God in a Box

God in a Box  by Sean Patrick Leary He keeps God in an ornate mahogany box, with an intricate, hand carved, heavy lid. The box sits on a shelf, on display, next to photo albums, memorabilia, sentimental items and trinkets. Occasionally he pulls the box down to peek inside.  Sometimes he even leaves it out overnight, around holidays, when certain family comes to visit, and particularly when he wants something not to be.  The lid is usually closed. It wouldn’t be right to let God hear his language, read his words, see his deceit, or listen to the illicit carnal … Continue reading God in a Box

Rain Muse

Rain Muse by Sean Patrick Leary   If only I had stayed we’d be together. You’re still my muse, But now it rains when I want it to shine. I never expected this.  I stumbled onto your homepage today. It was beautiful, I was devastated. You were so content, and I was so absent. I was elated at your beauty and joy. You took my breath away, And the pain kept it from me, Now the pain is as real and lasting, As the surprise image of you on you wedding day.   ‡ Continue reading Rain Muse

Sean Patrick Leary

Our man of action, Sean Patrick Leary Sean Patrick Leary gets around (in the geographical sense), having grown up in the greater New York and D.C. areas before becoming a vagabond.  While touring he attempted to support his travels by working extensively in the recreation industry (ski bum).  Sean’s travels and recreation experiences are often reflected in his writings.  Sean landed in Gunnison, Colorado, for a while where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation with a minor in Journalism from Western State College of Colorado.  There he found quick success as a writer, photographer and editor for his … Continue reading Sean Patrick Leary