Dad’s Escargot

by Beau Hulgan My dad used to catch snails.  He kept them in a dirty 5-gallon bucket in the back yard.  He wanted to keep them inside but my mom insisted they not be in the house.  He was afraid the snails would get too cold, or too hot, or maybe drown if it rained.  But my mom stood steadfast and made him keep them in the back yard.                  We lived in the suburbs.  Cookie-cutter houses stacked on top of one another with a meter wide side yard and back yards squeezed up to one another separated by six-foot … Continue reading Dad’s Escargot

I See

by Angela Hart Taking another sip of his coffee, Jim could barely swallow it – it’s cold. Not the good kind of cold either. The kind when all the flavor has evaporated and it tastes bitter. Swishing it around in his mouth for a moment, Jim could feel his face turning crimson with rage. It wasn’t just cold from the half and half, it was cold from being out too long. Picking up the pot of coffee his secretary made, he slowly tilted it to the side pouring out every last drop down the drain. Watching the last of the … Continue reading I See

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Calling all writers for sixth edition of STC’s “Interstice”‏

Calling all writers for sixth edition of STC’s “Interstice”   The sixth edition of South Texas College’s literary magazine “Interstice” is currently in development. All writers and artists, particularly those who are current students or alums of the college, are encouraged to submit original poetry, short stories and artwork for possible publication in the annual issue, which will be available in print in April 2010. Editors also welcome submissions from the larger national and international communities.   The deadline for submission is Nov. 30, 2009. Submission forms are available online at and all submissions require a form. Electronic versions … Continue reading CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Calling all writers for sixth edition of STC’s “Interstice”‏