by Jose Sotolongo What kind of name is Octavian, anyway?” he had asked his mother when he was twelve and starting to look at girls.      He combed his hair meticulously in front of the bathroom mirror, turning this way and that, checking the shave job, getting ready for his date.  It was ten in the morning.      “You going out again?” his mother called in through the thin bathroom door.      “I haven’t been out today yet.”       “I mean this Saturday, today, again.  You promised your father you’d help clean the windows.”  It was May, and the screens … Continue reading Roses

Dad’s Escargot

by Beau Hulgan My dad used to catch snails.  He kept them in a dirty 5-gallon bucket in the back yard.  He wanted to keep them inside but my mom insisted they not be in the house.  He was afraid the snails would get too cold, or too hot, or maybe drown if it rained.  But my mom stood steadfast and made him keep them in the back yard.                  We lived in the suburbs.  Cookie-cutter houses stacked on top of one another with a meter wide side yard and back yards squeezed up to one another separated by six-foot … Continue reading Dad’s Escargot


by Kat Carrier             Don’t do it. I ignore the thought hissing from the back of my mind and jump into the pool. My body slips through the water as if there is nothing but air, ribbons of multi-colored light striking across my vision and wrapping around me. Energy hums in my ears, my kind of energy, the kind I’ve had since I was a little boy. It’s wild, ceaselessly vibrating and barely contained. It’s the kind of energy that made the other kids hate me during exams in school, unable to keep still or stop my pencil from rapping … Continue reading Treasures

I See

by Angela Hart Taking another sip of his coffee, Jim could barely swallow it – it’s cold. Not the good kind of cold either. The kind when all the flavor has evaporated and it tastes bitter. Swishing it around in his mouth for a moment, Jim could feel his face turning crimson with rage. It wasn’t just cold from the half and half, it was cold from being out too long. Picking up the pot of coffee his secretary made, he slowly tilted it to the side pouring out every last drop down the drain. Watching the last of the … Continue reading I See

The Stray

by Jahla Seppanen Ensenada was the hottest night. The first night. The two drove down from L.A. to Baja: Him, driving, and her, taking pictures from the window.             “Here we are. Big, bad, scary, Mexico.”             The woman looked through the eye of her camera and focused on the coast. The boats in the water seemed still, even with the wind blowing. A person here and down another block walked the road, but not many and never in big groups. The air was hot and the breeze salty. However, what the woman noticed most of all was not through … Continue reading The Stray

A Member of the Club

by Lawrence F. Farrar On a July evening in 1963, even more drunk than usual, Claude Dillard hunched against the bar in the paneled club room of the West Harmony Country Club.  He had come in about eight o’clock and then devoted the rest of the evening to knocking back Scotch and waters and puffing his way through a pack of Marlboros.  He was now the only patron left in the place.                Fifty-three years old, Dillard was a lean man, wiry really, with sharp features, short-cropped gray hair, and gray eyes topped by caterpillar brows.  He sported a … Continue reading A Member of the Club


by Andre Borges Aragon             It was on a gelid 17th of February in the year of our Lord MMXLI that Donny Lowstadt had his epiphany, his realization, and his eureka moment. In a scintillating second of miraculous clarity, he understood that they were all dying  – either slowly or fastly – each and every one of the bloated whales at the Lexington Christmas Ornament Marketing Collective. The clock was ticking and Lowstadt, always a man of action, was ready to strike like a razor-fin Alpha-tiger with a paunch.             The idea came unbidden while he watched the Red Eagle … Continue reading Murica