Tomer Konowiecki

Tomer Konowiecki is the 2009 Tangled Web Press Online Poetry Contest winner, with poetry appearing in the upcoming 2009 Tangled Press Poetry Anthology.  Tomer resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he recently received an English degree from UCLA and is currently studying Law. Tomer’s contributions to The Write Room are To All Ephemera The Nodding Seamen He Must Have Known We’re Not Stopping Here Believe Science Continue reading Tomer Konowiecki

To All Ephemera

by Tomer Konowiecki I have too often seen a child put hands over ears to drown the painful bite of a parents’ bicker, As galling as the buzz of the summer flies. It’s a foolhardy squeeze, poor child, like trying to muffle death. Don’t believe what they say of sweetness and compatibility, the heart-pleasing needs. Let the laurel and flowing brook lay together in the distance; Embrace the discordance of time—the coarse shreds of life and humanity striving to be meant for each other. But never stop to dream—in this flies are masters, caught in webs that reflect the light … Continue reading To All Ephemera

The Nodding Seamen

by Tomer Konowiecki The small place I rented in Le Conquet by the sea, only a stroll to the harbor when the cold presence of things cut into the present. In the mornings I saw the seamen return and sling their leaden nets onto the dock.  Beaten, they always had on the same khaki and blue. Their faces wore the tears of the sun, nodding politely as I passed by. The seamen always nodded: to the poor winter weather; to the dirty deck; in acquiescence to the long night ahead. Straight-mouthed, but nodding. When I couldn’t see them at sea … Continue reading The Nodding Seamen

He Must Have Known

by Tomer Konowiecki The big rock at Vista Point, The planet-sized boulder lodged in the sea lives still, but forever; It must have been God’s doing, rolling The lump of granite into the water Or dropping it straight from heaven. He must have known it would look beautiful—it does. Man visits the exhibit; sees the stone become practical Like crafted earrings or spear-tips, broken to shards for use. Thick, infrangible, not this stone; He must have known The greed of man, and the greed of the basking sea-lions. Many traveling wives mount the rock, husbands Photograph their wind blown women … Continue reading He Must Have Known

We’re Not Stopping Here

by Tomer Konowiecki The sky doesn’t hide, or touch or tell secrets. Its brushstrokes are not detectable and the artist didn’t sign.  We see the sweeping blue and the blue sees us— I’m sure we are the less beautiful. It must notice the smog over our cities and the way we’ve sliced the land like pie. It sees blasting rock and the earth’s chapped skin.  It knows our motives— The birds tell it that we lie. It figures we’re not stopping here with the potential for so much more. So it sends us the sunset and the birds tell us … Continue reading We’re Not Stopping Here

Believe Science

by Tomer Konowiecki They called Papa’s murderer cold-blooded in the morning paper: A different species, inscrutable—Not man. Then the photo of the courtroom— browns of justice, the oak panels of reason—a room less colorful than I remembered.  Where is the red conflagrating vengeance in my eyes? No towering fire in the center of the room where I burned the killer with the varnished wood. The picture doesn’t show me dancing ape-bodied around the blaze, howling for the meat.—Justice? A son of Reason? Believe science who says I am a son of apes—one beast roasting another on the spinning spit. Believe … Continue reading Believe Science