David Dresner

David Dresner was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He attended Florida State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Journalism. He has worked as a performing musician, a baseball coach, an animal handler, a camera repairman, campaign assistant, photographer and news writer for an array of publications (The Famuan, The FSView, JazzTimes Magazine, Harp Magazine, and Miami’s Community Newspapers). Currently enrolled in Kennesaw State University’s Masters of Arts in Professional Writing program, he is now compiling a collection of short fiction and poetry for his master’s thesis in Spring 2009. He currently lives … Continue reading David Dresner

Sean Patrick Leary

Our man of action, Sean Patrick Leary Sean Patrick Leary gets around (in the geographical sense), having grown up in the greater New York and D.C. areas before becoming a vagabond.  While touring he attempted to support his travels by working extensively in the recreation industry (ski bum).  Sean’s travels and recreation experiences are often reflected in his writings.  Sean landed in Gunnison, Colorado, for a while where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation with a minor in Journalism from Western State College of Colorado.  There he found quick success as a writer, photographer and editor for his … Continue reading Sean Patrick Leary

Patrick Pomeroy

Patrick Pomeroy was born in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. The son of a journalist, early life took him to Israel and Vietnam during wars in both places.  After arriving in San Francisco from Cyprus, he lived with his mother and brother for seven months at the Holiday Inn in lovely Fisherman’s Wharf before securing a stable place to live. For this Patrick will remain grateful. His interests are psychology and psychiatry, art and the human psyche. He believes strongly in Freud’s conclusion that we are here “to work and to love”.  Patrick’s contributions to The Write Room: The Custodian of … Continue reading Patrick Pomeroy