“Renaissance Writer” An Interview with Steve Almond

by Dallas Woodburn Steve Almond is a Renaissance Man of the unflinchingly honest written word. He broke into the literary scene in 2002 with his short story collection, My Life in Heavy Metal, which provoked strong reactions from reviewers due to its unapologetic sexual content. Next came a nonfiction book, Candyfreak, which Almond describes as a “diatribe about candy,” specifically the emotional presence candy plays in people’s lives. Almond has since enjoyed success in the novel and essay forms, and his short fiction is regularly featured in reputable literary journals including Tin House. Through his diverse writing forms, Almond continues … Continue reading “Renaissance Writer” An Interview with Steve Almond

Writing on the Edge of Controversy: An Interview with J. Eric Miller

The Write Room’s Jennifer Dunn interviews author J Eric Miller as he discusses his thought-provoking fiction, as well as his views on reading, writing and teaching on the edge of controversy. J Eric Miller is the author of two books, Animal Rights and Pornography and Decomposition, both of which have been translated and published abroad.  His stories have appeared in a number of literary journals, and he was recently a featured author at the Festival America in Vincennes, France. JD: What are the sorts of “subversive” things you like to write yourself? I know you write about animal rights, and … Continue reading Writing on the Edge of Controversy: An Interview with J. Eric Miller

Ralph Tejeda Wilson: Interviewing the Poet

  Interviewing the Poet by Gina Gareri-Watkins Ralph Tejeda Wilson was born in Akron, Ohio, but grew up in Cleveland, a city he still considers his hometown.  Wilson holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Utah, and is currently a tenured Associate Professor in English at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. Wilson’s first book of poetry, A Black Bridge: Poems, was published by The University of Nevada Press in April 2001.  It was awarded the Georgia Author of the Year Award for Poetry in 2002.  His poetry is featured in several anthologies, including the 2006 Georgia Author … Continue reading Ralph Tejeda Wilson: Interviewing the Poet

The Sentinel Interview with The Write Room’s Developer

New Site for Writers by Gina Gareri-Watkins, Staff Writer, Kennesaw State University’s The Sentinel Tuesday, 16 September 2008 The Sentinel recently talked shop with Joellen Kubiak-Woodall, developer and editor of the online magazine, The Write Room. Kubiak-Woodall is a recent KSU graduate currently enrolled in KSU’s Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW) program in Creative Writing. Born in Athens, Georgia, to a homemaker mother and journeyman father, Kubiak-Woodall was raised by her mother and maternal grandparents in North Augusta, SC, a small town straddling the South Carolina-Georgia state line. Much like the Savannah River separating the two states, Kubiak-Woodall … Continue reading The Sentinel Interview with The Write Room’s Developer